New investment fund for companies in the PCM


Companies associated with PCM (PCM) have preferential access to the newly created seed capital fund of the Institut Universitari de Ciència i Tecnología (IUCT Empren) aimed at innovative technology companies.

Thanks to the agreement signed by both entities, companies associated with the PCM can accessthis fund that aims to provide entrepreneurs of knowledge assets, expertise and services that has the IUCT, worth four million euros. "We want to create a new model of entrepreneurship based oninter-cooperation and exploitation of synergies arising from the resources and scientific and technological capabilities of our company," says Josep Castells, director of IUCTEmpren.

Investments will be made in projects in areas such as industrial biotechnology, green chemistry, biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, functional food, fine chemicals, biofuels, among others.

This agreement is part of the PCM's commitment to the promotion of a national marketbased on R & D + i for what is essential to achieve investment partners to supporttechnology-based companiessuch as those associated with the park.