First investment of the Knowledge Capital Fund: 270.000 € in technological company Phyture Biotech


Mollet, September 21, 2012.


Today is presented in the fair / congress BioSpain 2012 the first investment of the Knowledge Capital Fund, an investment tool to support the growth of biotechnology companies. InKemia enters into Phyture Biotech with a capital investment of € 270,000l, completing a larger funding round.

Phyture Biotech is specialized in research, development, manufacture and marketing of plant stem cells for cosmetic industries, dermatological and pharmaceutical founded in 2009 by two young entrepreneurs Oscar Albert and Jané Exposito. Phyture has among its customers some of the most known cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Its revenues exceded € 170,000 in 2011, and the company has been valued at about 1.2 M €

The KC Fund, created in late 2011 by the IUCT Emprèn, specializes in investments in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical in early stages of growth. Investments are not based solely on financial contributions, but make investments capable of generating synergies with other companies of the group and in turn be able to offer added value technology.

The investment in Phyture Biotech is the first conducted by the Knowledge Capital Fund, and is addressed to the creation of a portfolio of high-end cosmetic applications.

Currently the fund is considering other operations, and is expected to close the next investments before year end. The Knowledge Capital Fund seeks an annual investment of about 400 000 € to cover the 4 million expected in 10 years.


About InKemia IUCT Group, s.a.


InKemia IUCT group is a business group of high-tech SMEs founded in 1997 and aims to develop new products, processes and technologies to companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Whose core business is based on knowledge exploitation through licensing of patents and know-how as well as R & D, and other technology services. The main areas of specialization are innovations in the fields of drug discovery and development, industrial biotechnology and green chemistry.


About Knowledge Capital Fund


IUCT Empren was created in 2010  with the mission of managing minority stakes in other companies forming the "Entrepreneurship Division". IUCT Empren manages the trading and industrial companies of the group where the holding has a participation.

The entry of IUCT Empren in the companies can be addressed throughthe  Knowledge Capital Fund dependening on the  business in question. The types of investment  of IUCT Empren are:


  • Constitution of Spin-offs created to accelerate the process of industrial and commercial exploitation of some of the group's own discoveries. Carried out in collaboration with experts in management and / or industrialization that take charge of business development of these new companies.
  • Participation in the creation and growth of business initiatives developed by entrepreneurs outside the group. Through a collaboration using both technological capabilities, seeking synergies between the parties to develop an innovative business project. Through the Knowledge Capital Fund.
  • Creation of joint ventures with companies technologically complementaris, developing new business opportunities through synergies.



About Phyture Biotech, SL


Created in 2009 as a spin-off of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona, ​​Biotech Phyture activities are based on its technology platform for plant stem cells. With this technology you can modify the metabolism of cells to reach innovative extracts, high value-added and more effective and safer than traditional ones. Phyture Biotech is a pioneer in the application of this technology in the industry.

On the one hand, is developing a range of products based on the cultivation of  singular plant cells. These products will become active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dernatology industries.

In addition, research is underway to optimize the technology in production of recombinant proteins. Although currently not widely used, plant cells have great potential for the future in this sector because of their unique features.


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