IUCT Emprèn invests € 240,000 in the biotechnology BIODAN Sciences

The Knowledge Capital Fund specialized in investments in biotech companies , joins the company BIODAN Sciences with an investment of 240,000 €. This investment provides IUCT Empren a equity participation of 19% in Biodan, being able to reach up to 21'5 % in two years.

BIODAN Sciences Ltd., founded by Alfredo Brisac in 2011 , is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of organic and innovative active ingredients for the cosmetic and the para-pharmacy sectors, and also to the development of cosmetics with the same concept . The company bases its strategy on the development of ecological systems that release active molecules based on the most advanced developments in the field of immunology and organic nano-encapsulation. This is a revolution in natural cosmetics as it allows cosmetic ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum, which most natural ingredients today are unable to do so.

The Fund, established in late 2011 by the company IUCT Emprèn, specializes in investments in biotechnology companies in early stages of growth. Investments are not based solely on financial contributions, but seek investments that can generate synergies with other companies of the group and in turn are able to provide tecnological added value to the investment done.

The investment in BIODAN Sciences is the third conducted by the Knowledge Capital Fund (after that of Phyture Biotech and Enemce Pharma) and is intended for the creation of a new range of innovative and natural products for the cosmetics sector mainly.


BIODAN Sciences, SL

Established in 2011 aims to provide the most advanced natural ingredients , through more effective delivery mechanisms than those provided by the ingredients based on a more traditional chemical technology .

BIODAN applies the latest advances in the field of immunology and biotechnology for active ingredients extracted from plants with ancient tradition .

Foundational values ​​for the generation of these innovative products are the use of the most advanced technologies, the quest for greater efficiency , the use of natural, safe and ethically produced and developed.