What's the Knowledge Capital Fund

This is a Seed Capital Fund through which IUCT offers entrepreneurs a new financial tool to launch their innovative project.

This fund comes under the strategic perspective of "Open Innovation". The main feature that defines it, is that it is not a fund aimed exclusively to provide capital to new companies, but aims to provide all the asset value of the IUCT's knowledge, experience and equipment.

The fund has available 4 million €uros to invest in 10 years with an investment volume for each operation between 50.000 and 400.000 €uros, the average transaction is estimated at 200 000 €uros.

The goal is to participate annually in 2 business operations.

Participation of the Fund in the company will not be dominant. being minoritarian.

The exit strategy will be fixed in the medium and long term, and in any case, always agreed with the entrepreneur. There is not a maximum period of disinvestment.