Who manages the Fund?

The Fund is managed by the IUCT Emprèn, one of the IUCT group companies born in 1997.

IUCT Holding is formed by 4-biotechnology companies able to generating high value added knowledge to be sold to the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries.

The IUCT business model differs from other biotech companies, since our goal is to generate know-how of high added value to be managed commercially in many forms: technology transfer to the industry (patent’s licensing), contract research of the generated knowledge to other companies, selling the project to public agencies to obtain grants, use of technological equipment acquired during the project through the sale of technology services, generation of new R & D + i, technical consulting, training in-company or launching new postgraduate masters, creation of spin-off participated by IUCT Emprèn to transfer the technology to the market, and creation of a new technology platform with the knowledge gained. In contrast, traditional biotechnology, aims to create a technological product to produce it and directly commercialize it.



The IUCT facilities and laboratories are in Mollet del Valles (Barcelona), but also we have some rented facilities in the Tres Cantos Technology Park (Madrid).

In 2011 IUCT started a strategic process of encouraging entrepreneurship. With in this process, it is include the launch of the Knowledge Capital Fund and other tools such as the Entrepreneurship Program within our Masters.